Not you, CMOs are losers, or maybe not...

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Let me address the subject line first. This week’s podcast topic was the death of the CMO, or err… not.

If you are a listener, you’ll know my regular guest, Jeff Clark, and I pick a tune to accompany our ramblings. We prep for this, bring a list, and debate the pick before I hit record.

As the topic was the death of the CMO, I, slightly tongue-in-cheek, suggested Beck and Loser, thinking we could be cool and ironic or maybe sarcastic (well, I am English) with the lyric:

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?

Beck, Loser, 1993

Of course, CMOs are no losers, and all this talk of the killing of the CMO is complete bollocks, or as Mark Ritson says, “inherent horseshittery”, and Jeff referred to it as “click-bait”. He is way more polite.

The reason why I thought I’d share this in the newsletter, aside from the fact I get to share with you my ironic tune idea, is that our research for the topic pulled out so many links that I wanted to share them with you.

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Enjoy your week!



Ian Truscott | Chief Bottle Washer Rockstar CMO

Street Knowledge

All of the research from this week’s podcast, some really good stuff here - especially Mark Ritson’s use of the language “horseshittery” … oh yes, I’m here for that.

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